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Campaign Against the Sexualisation of Youth Moral Panic

Its being doing the rounds for a while now: the idea that once upon a time, our children lived a life of blissful idyllic innocence and that it is only the modern age that has set out to corrupt them. Its an idea with little historical support: almost every generation that ever was has produced its crop of pessimists, convinced that THIS TIME, something far worse than anything that ever went before is happening - and it is up to them to stop it. Today, the threat is allegedly the sexualisation of youth culture, which is having a debilitating effect on the nation's youth. Almost everything, from anorexia to teenage pregnancy gets loaded onto this single ill. Yet, as leading academics in the field have pointed out, there is scant definition of what sexualisation IS, let alone any formal measure or methodology that might allow for measurement of its effect. Still, it has a head of steam behind it. Leading pop psychologist Linda Papadopoulos was appointed by the last government to look at the "problem": and even before he took power, David Cameron was weighing in against inappropriate lyrics, of the sort his daughter definitely was not allowed to listen to. Government doesn’t really appear to know what it is: but it definitely knows its against it! - Written by Jane Fae View campaign »
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