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Decriminalise Sex Work

The world appears to be dividing into two radically opposed camps when it comes to sex work. On the one hand are those who see it as inherently bad - an exploitation of women - and therefore as an evil that needs to be stamped out by any means possible. On the other are groups, who may not evangelise for it - but who are concerned with protecting those who are involved in sex work, and believe that harsh and punitive laws do little to help. That is, they make it harder for those who wish to move on from sex work to do so, at the same time making sex work that much more dangerous for those who remain in it. In some jurisdictions - New Zealand, Germany and possibly, soon, Canada - the legal system has effectively decriminalised sex work: in others - including Sweden and the United Kingdom - government is doing all in its power to make sex work more difficult to engage in. Which approach works better? Is there any good evidence either way? - Written by Jane Fae

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