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Upcoming events and current media coverage relating to sex work and sex workers.

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Aids Healthcare Foundation plans USA-wide Porn Condom Ballot »

Bangladesh government approves anti-pornography law »

Just say no to Dorries abstinence sex education bill! »

Sex worker walks free from Croydon court »

Pornstar voted off Indian reality TV show »

The data of call girls »

Gay fetish filmmaker found not guilty of obscenity »

Sex establishment license sort for lap dancing venue »

Lap dancing clubs under threat in Plymouth »

Portsmouth Council patronise lap dancers. »

Legalise sex work or I'll expose MP's who use us! »

Lap dances to be banned but guns in colleges are ok »

Strippers speak out against UKFeminista and Object »

Kenya: Call Girls Exporting Sex To Juba »

Student sex work prompts Swansea University study »

Sheila Farmer And The Brothel That Never Was »

Anne Marie Foy: Cigarette 'links murder accused' »

He Wants to Jizz on Your Face, but Not Why You Think »

Porn Error at Cobb County »

Why sex workers are living in a "climate of fear" »

Sex Worker Bethany St. James Fires Up Huffington Post »

Zimbabwe - Sex Work — why all the silence? »

Judge Who Pronounced ‘Deep Throat’ Obscene, Dies at 90 »

Call for change in law to protect sex workers from violent crime »

Undercover sting on two alleged sex workers in Abu Dhabi leads police to suspected brothel »

Judge upholds nudity ban at strip club »

L.A.’s porn mistake »

Saskatoon sex workers join homicide registry »

Crime fears scupper plans for new lap dancing bar in Dundee »

Hard money's easy lessons »

Undercover Cops Pose As Prostitutes, Arrest 186 Johns »

MP asks constituents to stop Consett lap dancing club licence »

All of a twitter as legal threat to blogger adds spice to the public battle »

Tory councillor calls for Birmingham lap dancing clubs not to use porn to advertise themselves »

Norwich lap dancing club Platinum Lace successful in bid to increase opening hours »

Tasmania debates sex industry legislative reform »

Mustang Ranch Brothel Seeks To Become 'Ritz-Carlton Of Whorehouses' (VIDEO) »

UK's only drug treatment centre for sex worker mothers to shut »

Sex worker group argues before Supreme Court »

LA Porn Actors Must Wear Condoms; Will Industry Pros Wrap it Up or Take Business Elsewhere? »

'Execution imminent' for Canadian tortured into 'confessing' he ran a pornography website in Iran »

Lap-dancing club appeals after licence is refused »

THE BBC are under fire for running an interview with a PORN STAR on youth network Newsbeat. »

Sex, conditions safer but prostitute stigma remains »

Tunisia: ”Do Not Censor Pornographic Content »

Porn producers may leave Los Angeles because of condom law »

HR 1981 "Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers" sounds good, right? »

German city says 'sex meter' a success »

Julia Roberts' actress niece Emma has signed up for a risque role playing a sex shop employee »

Sex workers fear predators, but also police »

New Zealand police crack down on Sex Workers »

Video of stripper reporting non payment of a lap dance to the police (and they take it seriously) »

Woodhull Testifies Against Human Rights Violations »

Laffin to stand trial for murder in sex worker's disappearance »

New Delhi - Educated women entering sex industry is a problem apparently… »

Rebecca Hall learns to lap-dance »

Sex Workers in Java's red light district get paid to quit »

Ameesha Patel to play sex worker »

Rotterdam audiences enjoy Black & White & Sex »

Q&A with Lindsay, a sex worker and Human Library participant »

South Africa rules against pornography on TV »

Sex Workers are a ‘Godsend’ to disabled clients… »

Murderers of sex worker given the death penalty in Dubai »

Five lap dancing venues approved »

Simi Valley Considers Requiring Condoms in Adult Films »

Channing Tatum humbled by stripper past »

London's White Swan should be able to keep its stripper night »

Jennifer Love Hewitt Resumes Stripper Role »

The benefits of being friends with a stripper »

A new strip club for Stourbridge? »

Plymouth lap dance clubs become sex establishments »

Stourbridge nightspot reveals new lap-dancing club plan »

Sex worker charged with assaulting AP »

And dignity for all »

Link between sports events, sex trafficking unfounded - study »

Lap dancing on council agenda »

Sex research sparks interest »

Petition to ban future lap-dancing clubs »

The Return Of Sex Week at Yale »

A Modest Proposal: The Case for Fair Trade Porn »

Brad Pitt's Old Job Involved Strippers! »

Vancouver billionaire gets one year probation for locking sex worker in home »

Seattle Library Upholds Man’s Right To Watch Porn On Its Computers »

The sexual addictions of the rich and famous »

Korea's sex call - dob in our prostitutes »

Duckworth's Corrie lap dance joint »

Taiwan - save brothel site: sex worker group »

Feminist Porn Awards Nomination Period Announced »

Hammersmith strip club retains license after hearing »

Irish service providers criticise banning of pornography sites »

One in four lap dancers has a degree »

The rise and fall of lap dancing »

Birmingham's Lap Dancers Quit »

India ministers in Karnataka quit amid pornography row »

Christians demand tighter controls on internet pornography »

University of Hawaii Wants Porn Website Shut Down »

Montreal dancer and former sex-worker George Stamos on Quentin Crisp »

Bachelor Gone Wild! Jake Pavelka Joining Chippendales Male Stripper Show! »

Magic Mike "Tasteful" While Still Featuring "Butts and Nakedness" »

140 characters can get Indonesians 12 years in jail »

Play on pornography »

Carlisle lap-dancing club given all clear to carry on »

Boom in Indian porn production »

Sex worker weeps inside High Court »

Club bids to become Cheltenham lap dancing venue »

Ariel Could Be Released From Jail in July »

David Butler acquitted of the murder of Anne Marie Foy »

PETA to Launch Pornography Site Soon »

Porn sites blocked from using Cal names »

Romney's big Penthouse donor »

Justice for beat stripper »

Victim: The lap dance from hell »

A stripper is arrested for selling cocaine to undercover officers »

India debates legalisaion of pornography »

Online sex trade gains prevalence in Singapore »

Man deported after assault on sex trade worker »

Yale - Panel split on porn »

Former lap-dancing club owners fined »

Stripper fundraiser for primary school branded 'disgusting' by mothers »

Quirky hopefuls liven up French presidential race »

Stripper Stereotypes Busted With Mike Pintek »

Sex worker weeps inside High Court »

Illegal brothels shut in crackdown »

Dita Von Teese Clarifies: She’s Not a Dumb Stripper »

Google and the sex worker struggle »

Sex workers, Ottawa police urged to cooperate »

America’s Serial Killer and the rise of online sex work »

Trial Over Censorship of Pornographic Websites in Tunisia Postponed »

Romney Signs Anti-Porn Pledge »

No Copyright Protection for Pornography? »

Morality in Media campaign against pornography »

Conservatives campaign against Yale »

No takers for Charlie’s Angel’s movie in India »

How I support my family as a sex worker »

The Life Of A Nigerian Sex Worker »

Gay bar hit with £14,000 sex licence bill »

Man gets 10 year sentence for pornography in China »

60 days in Rolex rap »

Illinois lawmaker proposes strip club tax »

Escort in dispute with landlords »

Former Sex Worker Can’t Find New Job Since Being Fired From Teaching »

Councillor-up-for-award-after-fighting-against-sex-and-lap-dancing-clubs »

Kayden Kross Condemns Mandatory Condoms on Stossel Show »

Street sex worker ban considered »

The Auto biography of a Sex Worker »

Redbook supports stripping to the annoyance of some readers »

Technology and sex work in Pakistan »

Trial date set for police chief theft from stripper »

Two Miami men sentenced to life in prison for sex trafficking »

Uganda: Government toughens on pornography »

Project to educate sex-worker's children launched today »

DGirlsCash Operator, Accomplice Get Life Sentences »

Sex worker's life lights up Fashion Week »

Thai sex worker asked to identify Iran suspect »

Bachmann: Stopping Lap Dances More Important Than Extending Unemployment »

Students lap dance to 'fund lavish lifestyles' »

Chandella Powell apologizes for porn past »

LAPD Harassing Sex Worker From Making Money »

Lap dancing decision delayed »

Another 'sex license' bid in Leamington »

Club Owner Says No To “Stripper Tax” »

Stripper Left Critically Injured After Death-Defying Pole Dance »

Judge orders website to pay $4M for pirating adult films »

Egypt Islamist MPs want to ban porn sites »

Sex worker shoots 'Cherry' film »

Red Light Warrior »

Lap dancing clubs banned in Northamptonshire town »

Border ban won't derail porn star's Toronto visit »

Sex worker slaying leads to manslaughter plea »

Sex worker Catherine Stephens on House of Tolerance »

Former Montreal stripper testifies against drug cops »

Stripper Agent in Norway Arrested for Pimping »

Utah residential facility to offer treatment for porn ‘addicts’ »

Tunisian Court Rules Against Internet Pornography Censorhip »

Porn storm reveals cleft in Egypt attitudes »

Man retried in Courtepatte case »

Parents fight lap-dancing bar’s licence bid »

Memoir peels back life as a stripper, daughter and mother »

Kate Middleton's Stripper Cousin is Coming to America »

Sunland Park mayor candidate says video of stripper dancing for him used as blackmail »

Virgin boss Richard Branson wins control of ‘embarrassing’ .xxx porn web address »

YouPorn debug file exposure hits a million users »

Crackdown urged on sex trade »

Woman told to obey, court hears »

Why someone else (me) became a sex worker »

Former stripper accused of being cocaine 'queen' »

Miami Stripper Tip Drill Recovering After Serious Fall, Says She's Retiring »

Man guilty of murder in a Burnaby brothel »

AWID in Istanbul: Linking sex worker rights with feminism and development »

Sex worker electrocuted at client's place »

Man arrested for posing as cop »

Object fails to ban porn director from standing for parliament »

Republicans Train Their Gaze on Strippers »

Alleged sex worker rape 'a fantasy' »

Is the porn industry moving to Arizona? »

Bangladesh parliament passes bill in fight against pornography »

Police were callous to beaten sex worker, missing-women inquiry told »

Police crackdown on Kensington sex workers »

Sex workers educated through training »

Stripper who recruited teen to be an escort pleads guilty »

French court defines sex toys as pornography »

Vietnamese Official Gets Two Years in Prison for Porn Posts »

Lawmakers to introduce bill taxing adult entertainment »

Medical students 'sell sex to cover rise in tuition fees' »

Women feel no safer now than when Pickton prowled Downtown Eastside, inquiry told »

Escorts claim Utah law makes acting sexy illegal »

Azita Nikooei's Killer Gets 11 Years »

Melbourne man found guilty of raping Thai sex worker »

Ottawa team helps city's most disadvantaged sex workers »

Sex Worker: Is it just another job? »

Stripper gets probation, pays $10K restitution to dancer she cut »

Male stripper loses suit after tumble at sex show »

Sex workers accuse police of abuse »

‘Even sex workers have human rights’ »

Radical Forum on sex work to be held at Oxford university »

New licence for lapdancing club »

Stripper night to raise money for village scout hut »

Pakistan Builds Web Wall Out in the Open »

'Decriminalize sex work' »

Kolkata sex workers demand legalisation of their profession »

Sex worker Convicted For Stalking Swiss Banker »

Why Stripping Can Be A Feminist Act »

2,000 Chinese awarded for reporting internet and mobile phone pornography to authorities »

Veena Malik to Play Sex Worker in ‘Zindagi 50:50,’ but Won't Go Nude »

Cop convinced of serial sex worker killer »

Namibia: Sex Workers Mark Their Day in City »

Sex work in Cambodia / Group struggles for legal distinction between human trafficking and sex work »

India's porn identity »

Stop abusing us, sex workers tell cops »

Korean jailed for hitting sex worker »

International Sex Worker Rights Day »

Sex 'trade', not 'traffic' »

Sex workers urged to report abuse »

TV actress arrested for running sex racket from a 5-star hotel »

Notorious New York City brothels »

S.C. GOP Blocks County's "Purity Pledge" »

Porn alarm for internet domains »

Nairobi Sex Workers Hit Streets to Demand Rights »

Kenya: Thika Commercial Sex Workers Clean Up Town »

Chinese sex workers caught in web of drugs, Aids and poverty »

Man found guilty of assaulting sex worker »

Southern California teacher placed on leave over allegations she participated in pornography video »

Lobby pushes for rights of Botswana sex workers »

In Les Demimondes, Prostitution Herself confronts whore stigma »

Enter the lap dancing robots! »

Icasa explains why it vetoed TopTV's porn channel »

The healing power of sex work »

Man Stabs Sex Worker »

Sex workers assert their rights in Pune »

Sex workers demand legalization of prostitution »

The Policy That Keeps Prostitutes From Carrying and Using Condoms »

SXSW Festival talk on sex work with Kitty Stryker »

Festival strips away prejudices »

Veil set to come down on lap dancing venue »

UK Pole Showcase comes to Newcastle »

Father kills girl for refusing to become sex worker »

Lap-dancing and pole-dancing clubs facing tougher laws in Norwich »

Portsmouth lap dancing club boss vows to fight controversial plans »

Ex-pornographer and substitute teacher can pursue teaching certification »

Tasmania - Opinions sought on sex laws »

China deletes 225 pornographic microblog accounts »

'Video Was For Private Use,' Say Indonesian Porn Suspects »

Jakarta: Suspicions mount over anti-pornography task force »

Lennox Little League Receives Help from Stripper Angels »

At India bank, sex workers earn a little interest and self-esteem »

Sex Worker, Three Others Shot Dead In Bayelsa Cult Clash »

My Phone Sex Secrets, Channel 4 »

Pakistan uses teenage boy to help with pornography crack down »

Porn industry would break AZ law, Montgomery claims »

Former gay porn actor can pursue teaching certification, agency says »

Kate's cousin shows off her crown jewels »

The Naked Truth With Nina Hartley »

‘Vigorous’ Santorum crackdown may catch Internet porn viewers with pants down »

Victoria strip club shut down for selling cocaine »

Video: Kate Middleton's Stripper Cousin »

Lapdancing pub vows to stay in Northwood »

Harriet Walker weighs in on horse sex and Barbie porn »

Santorum: 'If Elected, I Will Ban Pornography In The U.S.' »

Police Inspector testifies at murder trial of commercial sex worker. »

Gigolos earn way more in Vietnam: poll »

New Penthouse Club opens, gets everybody drunk »

Porn industry to Rick Santorum: Butt out »

Mother of underage Salem stripper arrested »

Enforcement against sex workers to be used as 'last resort': VPD report »

SXSW Scarlet Road screening »

Witness claims sex worker jumped off window in Dubai »

Prostitute admits stabbing of client to death »

Sex worker banned by ASBO »

Maidstone polled for University of Kent lap dance study »

Teen phone sex worker Rosa King: My job secret has caused an outcry but I don't regret it »

Bangladesh’s ‘teenage’ brothels hold dark steroid secret »

Embassy club halts lap dancing bid after raid »

Mitt Romney Asked to Enforce Federal Pornography Laws »

Lap dancing bid for Old Town nightclub venue »

Sex Worker Awareness: St. James Infirmary Takes Message to WHO »

Man Batters Sex Worker For Rejecting N200 »

Inflation in Kenya Drives Women to Commercial Sex Work »

Fundraiser for sex-worker literacy ends »

12-year-old girl sold to businessman rescued by sex worker »

Wakefield lapdance club test case »

Atlanta Film Festival 2012 Preview - "AKA Blondie" Examines The Life Of Stripper »

Missing woman’s mom wants answers »

Vina Morales takes on stripper role in 'Rock of Ages' »

Sex work in NSW: healthiest in the world »

Relationship Education: The Cyber Generation's Addiction to Detachment »

Egyptian government reportedly preparing a ban on Internet pornography »

Drive to save British kids from online sex »

Police seek help after sex worker set alight »

India: Charmi as a sex worker! »

The Backpage dilemma »

Patrols after sex worker attacks in Walsall »

The unintended consequences of Nick Kristof's anti-sex trafficking crusade »

Ontario Court of Appeal greenlights brothels, sweeps aside many of Canada’s anti-prostitution laws »

Economic Diversity by Legalizing Prostitution and Marijuana »

Sexy TriBeCa Show Offers Peek Inside Porn Industry »

O2 forced to expose 'porn downloaders' »

Call to legalise sex workers for people with disability »

Campaigners' last-ditch bid to stop Accrington lap-dance club »

Carrollton mayor, council take steps to block cabaret »

Shriya to play sex worker »

Spanish Sex Workers Strike Against Bankers »

I lost my job as a teacher because I was once a call girl »

Why Shutting Down Sex Ads Fails Trafficking Victims »

Trial begins for sex slave accused »

Man charged over sex worker's murder »

Tennessee Stripper Tax Gets The Ax »

Male stripper pleads guilty to manslaughter »

'It is not a shameful profession' »

Brothel madam accused of sex slavery »

Wakefield lap dancing club gets licence »

Sex worker Nikki Thomas talks about normalizing her profession »

Parno Mittra to play a sex worker »

4 Artists Talk About Their Natural-Born Hooker »

Stripper arrested in arson case »

Tunisia’s youth and their fight for the freedom of expression »

Vancouver sex-worker advocate calls for private clubs to quell ‘killing fields’ »

Former sex worker says lifting ban on brothels not the right step »

Swedish smut king is out at Private Media, plans tell-all movie »

Stripper and friends arrested, charged with robbing, threatening man »

Houston journalist moonlighting as stripper bares the risks of keeping a side job »

Sex worker says cash offered for her silence »

Prostitutes being 'cleared from the streets' of London ahead of Olympics »

Nigerian sex stimulant kills prostitute »

Licensing hearing for changes at Reading adult club »

Poor Government, Not Porn, Causes Nations to Crumble »

Jazzy-O kill accused in lawyer switch »

Sex worker chose to stay, ACT court told »

Sex worker killer guilty as charged »

Sex and drugs racket busted, former teacher among three arrested »

Study notes strategies to lower HIV risk for sex workers »

Lords bill demands ISPs and device makers block porn »

Fearing Santorum, porn stars unite (VIDEO) »

John Specht: The man who spends all day in strip clubs »

Big Al's loss could cost Peoria tax money »

‘Pandemic’: thousands of leaders urge Congressional hearings on the harm of pornography »

Porn stars call for masturbation protest against Santorum »

Professor studies prevalence of erotica in Silver Age Spain »

The state of sex in the city: People in the sex trade talk about a landmark ruling »

I was fired for grinding Paris Hilton, claims dancer Tahnee Chapman »

How Does Ovulation Affect a Stripper’s Income? It Doesn’t. »

'Fifty Shades of Grey': S&M, romance and sex -- oh my! »

This lady doth protest too much »

Backpage.com Isn’t the Problem, Say Sex Workers »

Schools hear critics when filters block pro-gay sites »

Feminist porn aims to mix pleasure with principle »

Porn sites account for 30% of all Internet traffic, report finds »

Egypt court orders ban of porn websites to protect 'society, values' »

Major conference on sex worker rights, HIV to hear from Della Bosca »

Coventry lap dancing club reapplies for sex entertainment licence »

A satirical open letter from the gay pornographers of America »

Nicki Minaj: 'Beez in the Trap is a thank you to strippers' »

Former Sex Worker Melissa Petro Defends Adult Ad Site Backpage.Com »

Sex worker raped, murdered in Asansol »

Some People Enjoy Being Prostitutes... Get Over It »

Pickton inquiry to examine dropped charges »

Lap dancing club in Accrington given go ahead »

Sociologists claim decline in quality of lap dancers »

Misrepresenting the evidence in the great porn debate »

‘Sexual freedom’ parade at Jantar Mantar this weekend »

Sunny Leone Not Quitting Porn for Bollywood! »

Brothel madam guilty of keeping Thai sex worker as slave »

The disabled and the joy of sex »

UK private members bill designed to censor pornography on the internet »

Kate Middleton's Stripper Cousin in a Reality Show?! »

Metro mum on SAPS sex arrests »

Rapist, murderer to spend 33 years in jail »

Judge wants lawsuit challenging Utah's anti-pornography law settled »

Masseuse wants $10M slice »

Brooke Magnanti: Sex for money, why not? »

Uzbekistan Toughens Responsibility for Crimes against Morality »

Should Prostitution Be Legal? Vote Now! (POLL) »

Sex worker raped, murdered in Asansol »

Stripper ‘nuns’ danced for Berlusconi—trial witness »

Brooklyn stripper sues adult entertainment biz for stiffing her on wages and overtime »

Outrage Over Hustler Truck on Streets of San Francisco »

Sex worker strangled to death, eyes poked out »

Feminism & Co. sells out a program on sex work »

L.A. Condom Ordinance Meeting Slated for Wednesday »

Analysis: What Today's 2257 Ruling Means »

Delaware Loses MMA Bout »

U.K. Adult Industry Can Recommence Shooting, AITA Says »

Limp response to sex shows survey »

Limp response to sex shows survey »

Bill denying tax credits to pornographic films moves to Senate floor »

Sledge Hammer's Cause of Death Still Undetermined »

Industry Advocates Question L.A. Condom Ordinance at City Hall »

U.K. Inquiry Pushing for Porn Filtering »

Adultex 2012 Award Winners Announced »

Belladonna, Gracie Glam Featured in Mishka NYC Spring LookBook »

Paying to work »

‘Old Town is becoming synonymous with sex industry’ »

Male Stripper Comedy Sugar Shack To Be Directed By Charlie Matthau »

Supervisor Eric Mar Chases Away Local Stripper Truck »

Stag Party Stripper Organisers Chillisauce To Tutor London Met University Students »

Southern California teacher fired for appearing in Internet porn video »

Sex Workers To Police: Please Stop Confiscating Our Condoms »

NY Stripper Sues for Wages, OT Pay »

Tiffany's strip club put on the market for £630,000 »

Here’s the Trailer for Magic Mike, the Male Stripper Movie Based on Channing Tatum’s Life »

Principled Pornography: How Queer/Indie Sites Are Reframing the Industry »

Going Down in La-La Land: Film Review »

L.A. Budget Cuts Could Affect Porn-Condom Enforcement »

Sledge Hammer Memorial Gathering Set for Sunday »

'Staying Power' Adult Documentary Begins Fundraising Campaign »

Porn Star Tiffany Six To File Appeal Against School’s Firing Decision »

Stripper contest angers nearby school »

Mumbai: Trying to escape client's wife, call girl falls off balcony, dies »

Mumbai railway employee held in prostitute’s death »

Feminist Porn Awards results are in! »

Onscenity holds Sexual Cultures conference »

Computer porn: Have ministers given up the fight? »

Sex worker died for Rs 500 & beer bottle »

When Can Faculty Show Porn? »

The Hardest Thing About Being A Male Porn Star »

Namibia: KK Renews Call for Prostitution to Be Legalised »

Lap dancing club granted sexual entertainment licence »

Former West Yorkshire PC admits stealing brothel raid cash »

Case against exotic dancers dropped »

Strippers fear being left out in cold if Tower Hamlets closes clubs »

Jakarta Govt. Prepares Regulation for an Anti-Pornography Taskforce »

Groupon Boycotted Over 'Torture Porn' Coupon »

Only two on sex worker’s phone list claimed to know her »

U.S. Congress questions Google about sex-trafficking »

Secret Service Scandal Moves Advocates to Call for Legal US Prostitution »

Durham lap dancing club has license approved »

Strip club: Swansea decision deferred on plan near church »

Stripper takes on Peter Stringfellow regarding employment rights »

Mom of underage stripper gets three years in DOC »

Professor suspended for pornography documentary »

Ventura approves pornography condom law aimed at keeping filmmakers away »

Immigration raids catch 21 illegal sex workers »

Giving away, and then seizing, condoms »

Lapdancing club reopens with drag acts »

Prosecutor: Smuggler should pay $1.6M to women he forced to be strippers »

Brazil sex worker may sue U.S. embassy over injuries »

Sex Worker Advocates, Residents Talk Prostitution »

Legalized brothels ruling to be appealed to top court »

Doing it for a good cause »

Lap dancer wins landmark employment ruling »

Labour MPs support 'opt-in' system for online porn to protect children »

"Cherry" and the other side of the San Francisco porn industry »

Southern Kentucky town up in arms over pole dancing »

Heidi Klum Discovers Aussie Strippers in Vegas »

Musicians Sign Petition Against Village Voice Sex Worker Ads »

A glimpse of life on the game »

French drama 'Elles' explores student-run prostitution ring »

Sex Worker Harassed By Religious Zealot Cops »

We need to talk about porn »

Telstra agrees to clean up the seedier side of its Big Pond Life »

School set up by sex worker in India »

‘Whores’ Glory’: An Interview With Michael Glawogger »

Egypt porn ban would cost up to $16.5 million and be 'useless': Experts »

News Rhode Island police chief busted for stealing money from a stripper »

Anna Arrowsmith defends porn on The Voice of Russia »

Hemel Hempstead lapdancing club given the green light »

Romney, computers and pornography »

Religious Sites are Worst for Malware, Report Finds »

Sex worker jailed for brothel robbery »

Dubai court rejects prisoners' petition for early release »

'Strip club approval will cause uproar' in Newquay »

Police corruption trial: Stripper didn’t complain during arrest »

Content Section U.S. Marines Accused of Injuring Brazilian Stripper »

Tiger Tyson in HBGC Event on Pornography »

Police identify HIV+ sex workers »

Alana Evans, Porn Star, Discusses Motherhood, Parenting On Dr. Drew's HLN Show »

Alleged murder of client: I acted in self-defence, sex worker tells court »

Zimbabwe: Prostitute Gives Away Fake Notes Ring »

Ira Isaacs Found Guilty on Five Counts of Federal Obscenity »

Hustler Wins Right of Publicity Lawsuit Involving Nude Photos »

Sasha Grey Thriller 'Would You Rather' Gets Red Band Trailer »

U.K. ISPs Fighting Forced Porn Blocking »

Meet The 'Sex Robots' (Coming To A Red Light District Near You) »

UK Prime Minster Looking to Block Porn from Search Results, Adding Opt-In Option Instead »

Accrington lap dancing club owner in job advertising row »

Kelly Ripa: husband Mark Consuelos used to be a stripper »

YOUR SAY: Should strip joints be allowed to sell booze? »

World Burlesque Games are here »

New York Bouncer And Male Stripper Is The Real Hulk In 'The Avengers' »

Sex worker calls secret agents ‘fools’ »

French Investigators Studying New Rape Allegation Against Strauss-Kahn »

Cops: Hot dog truck was prostitution site »

Sex worker rape alarm via Twitter »

In Search of Stripper Solidarity »

Sex workers denting war on Aids »

Contracts are a fine art »

Piracy, Pornography and Conspiracy: How Judges Are Standing Up to Copyright Trolls »

Give Orlando a hand: Men's Health ranks city as 'smuttiest' in America »

King of Diamonds: How America's Favorite Black Strip Club Won Its Crown »

Long Island 'hot dog hooker' vows to continue despite prostitution charges »

Secret Service Scandal Prompts Colombia to Consider Regulating Prostitution »

'Octomom' Nadya Suleman to release self-pleasure porn video »

Britain's Got Talent: Stripper Beatrix von Bourbon among tonight's hopefuls »

Sex worker used as bait to trap men »

Donny Damara Takes His Transgender Role in Stride »

Officer denies playing ‘good cop’ while prisoners beaten »

‘Gypsy’: The classy stripper and her roots »

B.C. sex worker study released »

Sarah Tressler sues Houston Chronicle, claims she was unfairly fired because of stripping side job »

Olympics sex worker clampdown 'is health, safety risk' »

Male sex worker sentenced for ‘degrading’ killing of Sydney teacher »

'Common sense' Pickton suspect in missing sex workers: officers »

Man dies while receiving lap dance »

Talk Talk rolls out porn filter to all customers »

Sex worker denies Strauss-Kahn took part in gang rape »

How a sex worker in Uganda keeps it up »

Watching Porn Is A Much Less Visual Activity Than We Thought »

Stripper sought in murder plot »

Police corruption trial: I didn’t beat stripper, ‘good-looking’ officer testifies »

Sex worker, 5 clients nabbed in Panchkula »

2-year-old left home alone in filth while mom worked at strip club »

Stripper gets suspended sentence after stiletto heel attack on co-worker at Guelph’s Manor »

Sex worker allegations lead to judge Mark Griffin's resignation »

Magistrates side with Angels in club dispute »

Joey Lawrence Whoa, I'm a Stripper! »

Stripper arrested, accused of luring man into fatal trap in Houston »

Man stabbed for watching porn at Brooklyn Heights public library »

Rash of complaints over e.tv ads for porn SMSes »

Is this world's earliest pornography? »

Indian police 'disregard women's dignity': rights group »

Civilian RCMP worker saw Pickton with missing woman at party »

Namibia: Sex Workers Differ With KK On Legalising Prostitution »

Good woman=Mother/Bad woman=Sex worker/Sex worker mother =? »

UNAIDS Concerned Over Greece HIV Sex Worker Crackdown »

Councillors agree to lap dancing on a Sunday in Grantham »

Strip club crackdown vote delayed »

Parent Traps Don’t monitor your kids’ Web surfing. »

Lap dancing club given new licence »

Key part of anti-pornography law overturned »

Swiss Philosopher Plans to Make 'Socially Acceptable' Porn »

Invasion of privacy alleged at Vegas ‘Stripper 101’ class »

Sex workers on the run following crackdown »

Latest stripper tax proposal gets panel approval »

L.A. Condom Panel Asks for 90 Days, Cites 'Complexities' »

Porn actress enters plea in 2010 Florida sex party slaying of tattoo shop owner »

Dismissal wanted in 'Stripper 101' suit in Vegas »

8 Stars Who Used to Be Strippers »

Man admits trying to kill sex worker »

Japanese sex workers sold fictitious lives »

Sex worker advocate wants prostitution decriminalised »

Illegal Bendigo brothel operator, sex worker fined »

Prostituting your way through University »

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Philippines pornographers nabbed »

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John Stagliano to Deliver Keynote Address at XBIZ 360° Adult Entertainment Conference »

Lap Dances Are Not Art And Are Taxable, Says New York Court In Nite Moves Lawsuit »

Teacher fired over porn films fights for job »

Magistrate convicts Iris Kaingu in Pornography case »

Oxford lap-dancing club gets High Court stay of execution »

Ramya to play a sex worker »

U.N. report calls for decriminalizing prostitution »


'I'm not ashamed of it' — sacked panto star defends move into pornography »

Iris Kaingu gets K10.8 million fine in pornography case »

Killing of sex worker: man arrested »

Sex worker jailed two weeks for cheating »

Public’s view on sexual entertainment venues sought »

Exeter passes motion to remove porn filter »

Sex trade booms in Surat Basin »

Morality unit arrests 24-year-old sex worker »

Stripper sheds light on adult entertainment industry »

Atlantic City: lap dancing for charity re Hurricane Sandy »

Stripper brawl ends with man losing an eye »

Prime accused held for sex worker murder »

Two women arrested for involvement in sex racket »

Egypt prosecutor orders Internet porn ban »

Guilty Pleas in Stripper-Murder Drug Case, Warrant Sought for Missing Witness »

Disabled seek sex life choice »

A touch of kindness »

Stringfellows lapdancer in unfair dismissal case paid the club £65 to perform »

Strippers Win $13 Million Settlement in Wage Dispute »

Sex worker says new laws unsafe »

Decriminalisation remains world’s best practice, sex work forum told »

Romanian stripper broke fellow dancer's nose jailed for 18 months »

Tucson stripper arrested on human smuggling charges »

Why College Students Should Definitely Study Porn »

Sex shops’ porn to be destroyed »

Making porn actors wear condoms is not the best way to protect us »

Upstate NY prosecutor admits he acted in 1970s pornography films »

Rapist Gets 21 Years for Attack on Stripper »

Chicago once had countless strip clubs »

Doctor Drugged Sex Worker And Let Her Loose To Die, Claims Gilgo Beach Lawsuit »

UK Prime Minister David Cameron pushes for filter safeguards against internet porn »

Pay-scale for in-demand adult actresses revealed by porn agent »

Hancock County investigators explore new leads in stripper dismemberment case »

Sex Workers Protest Homicides, Rally for Rights in Kenya »

Accrington lap-dancing club approved for licence renewal »

The Autobiography of a Sex-Worker »

Polish film asks whether porn can save the jungle »

Trans POC Sex Worker Day of Remembrance. TW: cissexism, racism, violence »

Can’t arrest a sex worker’s customer: lawyer to HC »

Sponsored by Sunderland - News - Lumley Castle Lap dance club bouncer split customer’s head »

Sex workers in Rustenburg have complained about a police force that is a law unto itself »

Students turn to sex work to fund university degrees »

Residents hand over lapdancing petition »

Lobby asks TCRA to block access to porn on the Web »

Committee to include representatives of transgender and sex worker communities »

Sexpo: it really isn't about sex »

Officers nab sex worker »

Study shows female porn stars have higher quality of life than 'average' women »

Queens ex-stripper busted in cold case murder of southern businessman »

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Transgender sex workers face abuse by military in Ivory Coast »

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Phone Sex Worker Raising Funds to Perform Play About Life in the Industry at International Festival »

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Ex-Stripper Loses U.K. Lawsuit Over the Definition of ‘Employee’ »

Three-time Olympian living a double life as a Las Vegas escort, was scheduled to speak at Disneyland »

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