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Upcoming events and current media coverage relating to sex work and sex workers.

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Oxford Radical Forum is happening this weekend, a three day event describing itself as 'for the radical left' and organised by Oxford students.

Topics to be discussed include LGBT liberation, North African revolution and radical culture, with all events free and open to all.The Forum is designed to bring together different leftist groups, including socialists, anarchists and communists.

Prominent figures attending include Lebanon gay rights activist Ghassan Makarem and Thierry Schaffaser, a sex worker who vocally defends sex worker's rights. Literary theorist and critic Terry Eagleton will also attend, along with Marxist lecturer Alex Callinicos.

Read more here

Pornography debate win

Congratulations to pornstar Renee Richards and porn VOD host Jerry Barnett on their win (of about 3 to 1) against Julia Long from anti porn campaigners Object  (and a classics student) on the debate 'Should Porn be Censored?' at UCL yesterday. This is the latest in a long tradition of success at porn debates in universities across the UK, long may it go on.

Is porn a moral vice? Apparently not!

Last night pornstar and ex-teacher Johnny Anglais beat Vivienne Pattison, the director of Media Watch UK, and others at the debate 'This House Believes Pornography is a Moral Vice' held by Trinity College Dublin.  Johnny said it was a clear show of hands in support of Anglais' side. Yippee!

Trinity College Dublin held another porn debate 'This House Believes Porn Damages Society' where The Sexademic Jessi Fischer and pornstar Johnny Anglais beat psychotherapist Trish Murphey and others, to oppose the motion. Both Jessi and Johnny had appeared alongside Anna Arrowsmith (Span) at Cambridge University, which was another debate the pro-porn side won. It seems they are an unstoppable team!

Another win for Johnny Anglais (that's four so far!) supporting the porn industry at Queen Mary College, UCL for the debate 'Britain Should Ban Pornography'. Nice one Johnny!

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