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Sex worker battered in street »


BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (AP) — Hancock County, Miss., investigators are still following up on leads and waiting for forensics results in the death of a French Quarter dancer who was gruesomely slaughtered in June.

Jaren Lockhart went missing on June 6 after leaving work at Temptations Gentlemen's Club on Bourbon Street.

Hancock County Chief Deputy Don Bass tells the Sea Coast Echo (http://bit.ly/ZPolv1) that authorities are waiting the results from more forensics evidence handed over to the FBI in early December.

Days after Lockhart went missing, her severed body parts washed ashore in Bay St. Louis, Miss. Two people were detained — 28-year-old Margaret Sanchez and 39-year-old Terry Speaks. However, no formal charges in Lockhart's death were made against the couple.

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A 22-year-old stripper is fighting for her life after she fell head first off a 15-foot balcony while performing a lap dance.

The stripper was identified as Lauren Block and she remains in critical condition from the incident which occurred at around 12.40am on Wednesday.

The woman suffered major head trauma after plunging from the balcony of Christie's Cabaret in Cleveland, Ohio.

The police report states that Pasquale Storino was the man that she was giving a lap dance to at the time of the accident. 

Storino told Cleveland police the employee attempted a tricky dance move before she tumbled over the railing on the second floor of the strip club.

Brothel worker stole cash from boss

A KOREAN sex worker stole $50,000 in cash from her brothel manager before fleeing exploitation, a court has heard.

The woman, 21, had lived with her female manager and worked at the brothel at 39 Tope Street, South Melbourne, prosecutor Senior Constable Rachael Noon told the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday.

The accused, who buried her face and cried in the dock, had told police she worked from 10am to 1am, seven days a week after arriving in August on a working holiday visa. She said she did not feel she could refuse to work, even if she was sick.

Senior Constable Noon said the woman took $50,000 cash hidden in her manager's make-up boxes and shoeboxes, took her own belongings, and left the city apartment where she and the manager were living.

The woman, who relied on an interpreter in court, was arrested five days later on December 28 after trying to wire money back to Korea at a Korean grocery. She was recognised and reported to her manager who called police.

A LAP dancing club could be permanently closed down next week.

A licensing review will be held on Thursday into the running of Red Velvet, in Consett, County Durham’s only lap dancing club.

The venue’s license was temporarily suspended by councillors last month following a police raid on December 14 and officers say they are now seeking the immediate suspension of the licence.

Members of Durham County Council’s statutory licensing sub-committee, which has the power to revoke both the venue’s alcohol and entertainment licenses, will meet at Chester-le-Street for a full hearing into the operation of Red Velvet, which opened in 2007.

In a written submission to the committee, police said that an intelligence-led policing operation had identified that "on several occasions during the last six months, controlled drugs have been sold be members of staff to patrons within the premises. The substances purchased by customers at the venue have been tested and have been found to be cocaine".

A woman who was arrested for attacking two people in Hallandale Beach, Florida, told a bond court judge she was merely a misunderstood street artist who was "trying to do some artwork."

25-year-old Arlene Mena was spotted outside her condo building Wednesday morning looking "like a very drunk person" and "trying to direct traffic" in the middle of State Road A1A.

The self-identified stripper, who was wearing a tank-top, cut-off jeans, and tall boots, gave up after a while, and threw a traffic cone at a passing motorist.

She struck Dieter Heinrich's car, breaking the vehicle's side mirror to the tune of $300 in damages.

Heinrich confronted Mena, who proceeded to spit in his face as his kids watched from the back seat of the car. A passer-by, Noel von Kauffman, tried to hold Mena back, but she attacked him and scratched his wrist.

People who go to strip clubs are most likely seeking an escape from reality and to live out a fantasy of some sort. It is the stripper's job to provide that ("hands off") fantasy. But what many don't realize is that even the fantasy providers themselves have a reality to return to when the music stops. Filmmaker Artemus Jenkins' online documentary "P.O.P." takes a beyond-the-pole look into the lives of dancers at the popular Atlanta strip club Magic City. In it, women share their usually ignored stories about everything from how they ended up in the profession to how some have used it to create lucrative businesses.

Loop 21 caught up with Jenkins to explain why he thought this sub-culture was worthy of a look through a different lens.

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Prostitutes in one of Brazil's biggest cities are beginning to sign up for free English classes ahead of this year's Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup.

Cida Vieira, president of the Association of Prostitutes in the city of Belo Horizonte, said Tuesday that 20 have already signed up for the courses and she expects at least 300 of the group's 4,000 members to follow suit. The association is organizing the classes and seeking volunteer teachers.

“I don't think we will have problems persuading English teachers to provide services for free,” she said. “We already have several volunteer psychologists and doctors helping us.”

She said classes are expected to begin in March and last up to eight months.

“It will be important for the girls who will be able to use English to let their clients know what they are charging and learn about what turns them on,” Ms. Vieira said by telephone.

I'm normally a critic of overly aggressive occupational licensing schemes, but I have to give Texas Representative Bill Zedler some credit for his bill to require strippers to get licenses. Zedler is straightforward about the fact that he's not trying to do anything other than make it harder to strip for a living, because he doesn't think people should do it.

That's a good debate to have in the particular case of stripping, and it's great to recognize that in practice this is the typical use of occupational licensing. Normally the specific issue is that incumbents want to make it more difficult for new people to enter the profession rather than legislators not approving of the profession's existence, but either way the basic shape is clear—licensing is a barrier to entry and that's what Zedler likes about it.

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For a place where topless women gyrate on poles, D.C.'s Stadium Club has a pretty classy reputation. The Washington Post even declared it "a chic hot spot for young African American women". But according to a new lawsuit, there may be a sleazier side to one of the District's hottest strip clubs.

Dancer Talayna Clements stripped at Stadium in February and March 2012 before she was fired for what her lawsuit describes as "undesirable tattoos." When she tried to get rehired in May, a manager at Stadium allegedly told her that she wouldn't get her job back unless she performed unspecified sexual favors.

Clements still returned to Stadium without performing the sex acts, according to the lawsuit and her attorney, Gregg C. Greenberg, wouldn't elaborate on the allegation.

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BOSSES at a lap-dancing club called Legs N Co kept "inadequate" financial records, a tax judge has ruled.

Judge Kenneth Mure said directors of Risky Business - the firm which ran the club in Glasgow - were negligent.

The judge made criticisms after Risky Business appealed against a tax assessment made by Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

After a hearing at a tax tribunal in Edinburgh, he said a tax inspector was "fair-minded" in concluding bosses "under-declared" profit.

Judge Mure said, in a judgment published on a legal website, that Risky Business traded as Legs N Co in Maxwell Street, Glasgow, between 2001 and 2007.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Lauren Block, the 22-year-old stripper who fell off a 15-foot balcony at Christie's Cabaret Jan. 2, died this morning at MetroHealth Medical Center.

She was admitted to the hospital in critical condition around 1 a.m. with head injuries after the fall at the Cleveland Flats club.

Pasknale Storino, of Point Pleasant, N.J., told police Block was giving him a lap dance on the balcony of the club when the accident happened.

"He stated that she grabbed the rail, as he was facing away from the balcony, and she tried to complete some sort of jump/dance move, and accidentally went head first over the rail.," according to the police report.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the fall.

THE former owner of a Tamworth lap dancing club must appear before court charged with 10 breaches of licensing laws – or face a warrant for her arrest.

Jo Anne Doyle, aged 38, failed to appear at Burton Magistrates' Court for a hearing on Monday without prior notification to the court.

She was the owner of controversial Tamworth club Players Lounge, in Bolebridge Street, which closed last year.

The charges she is accused of, which allegedly did not receive authorisation under the Licensing Act 2003, are:

Allowing performances of dance, in that dance performers were in close physical contact with customers, on December 17, 2011

A CONTROVERSIAL lap dancing club had its drinks licence revoked today (Thursday, January 10) following a drug raid by police last month.

Owners of Red Velvet, in Consett - County Durham's only lap dancing club - can continue trading for three weeks, which could be extended if the ruling is appealed.

Councillors on Durham County Council’s statutory licensing sub committee made the ruling following a six-hour hearing at Chester-le-Street Civic Centre.

The club’s legal representative, Harpal Samra, said no decision about an appeal, which would be heard before magistrates, had been made.

“We are going to consider all avenues," he added.

The stripper who claims she was sexually assaulted in a Brooklyn Net’s hotel suite said the hoopster watched the attack and did nothing to stop it.

“He peeked in the room,” the alleged victim said of forward Andray Blatche. “He just didn’t . . . when he came in, he didn’t have intercourse with me.”

The 21-year-old woman told Philadelphia’s ABC 6 that Blatche knew exactly what was happening to her but never tried to help.

“He was not oblivious. He was aware the whole time,” she said on camera, with her face silhouetted.

She said she met up with the baller and his entourage at Delilah’s, a Philly strip club, and they partied there before going back to Blatche’s Four Seasons hotel suite.

OTTAWA - A teen who accuses her 16-year-old boyfriend of pimping her out as a stripper and beating and using a Taser on her for defying him is unstable and unreliable, the boy’s lawyer argued Thursday.

His client, now 17, is on trial facing charges including human trafficking, living off the avails of prostitution and assault causing bodily harm.

The girl testified she was 16 and 17 when she was stripping in half-a-dozen local peeler bars in the fall of 2011 and handing the up to $680 she made a night to the boyfriend who said he was the only one who loved her.

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Sex worker murdered

A male prostitute was found dead yesterday morning with stab wounds about his body on an open lot behind the Carnegie School of Home Economics, at Durban and High streets.

Wesley Holder, 19, of Cross Street, Werk-en-Rust, who was also known as “Horatia” and “Tiffany,” was found clad in a green fishnet dress. It appeared as though rigor mortis had already set in—an indication that he had been dead for some time.

Holder, who hailed from Essequibo, was the eldest of seven siblings andwas described as a very helpful person who was well known in his community and other areas.

His aunt, Paula Niles, with whom he lived, told Stabroek News that about 6:30 on Thursday evening, he left the house, telling her he was going for a walk and he would return soon.

“Last night when he was leaving to go on the street I told him not to go. I asked him where he was going and he said he ain’t have on no makeup, meaning that he was not going to work on the streets. He had on a slippers and this net thing that he had on,” Niles said.

LOS ANGELES — Attorneys for the adult entertainment industry filed suit today at federal court challenging the recently passed Measure B, which makes it mandatory for performers to wear condoms while shooting adult films in Los Angeles County.  

The suit says that Measure B is unnecessary because of rigorous and effective self-regulation by the adult industry and that it imposes an unconstitutional system of prior restraint in violation of the First Amendment. 

Numerous provisions of Measure B are excessively vague and burdensome, and thus place an intolerable restriction on freedom of expression. The lawsuit also challenges the county’s jurisdiction to regulate adult production on performer health and safety.

The adult industry plaintiffs include adult production company Vivid Entertainment along with adult performers Kayden Kross and Logan Pierce. 

“Overturning this law is something I feel very passionate about. I believe the industry’s current testing system works well," said Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment.  “Since 2004 over 300,000 explicit scenes have been filmed with zero HIV transmission. 

"The new law makes no sense and it imposes a government licensing regime on making films that are protected by the Constitution.  Measure B will have vast unintended consequences which may undermine industry efforts to protect the health of our actors and actresses.”

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The Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) on Monday called on sex workers to come forward and help police capture the killers of male commercial sex worker, 19-year old Wesley “Tiffany” Holder. 

“SASOD has been working with the Guyana Sex Work Coalition (GSWC) to encourage other sex workers who last saw Tiffany on Thursday night to come forward and share any information they may have with the police,” the local gay and lesbian organisation told Demerara Waves Online News. 

Holder’s body, with  multiple stab wounds,  was found last Friday morning near St. Phillips Anglican Church, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown. 

The organisation welcomed the arrest of two suspects and praised the police for seemingly “treating and investigating this murder as seriously as any other.” 

SASOD also welcomed government’s assistance with Holder’s with funeral expenses. “Since Tiffany's murder made local news, the Guyana government has reached out to assist the bereaved family, who are of humble means, with funeral expenses. SASOD is pleased by this thoughtful gesture,” said the organisation. 

CIVIC bosses will try to close down a controversial lap dancing club which has already had its booze licence revoked.

Durham County Councillors are to be asked to ban lap dancing from Red Velvet in Front Street, Consett, when they meet next week.

Red Velvet, the only lap dancing club in the county, was the subject of a drugs raid last month when police claim staff and dancers were seen selling cocaine to customers.

House mother Dolce Byron and former manager David Bartley are now on police bail pending further inquiries while two dancers were cautioned following the December 14 raid.

Last week, Durham County Council’s licensing sub-committee revoked Red Velvet’s drinks licence after a request by police licensing officer Sgt Tim Robson, who described the “gentlemen’s club” above Captain Cod fish and chip shop as “rundown, dirty, seedy premises,” claiming he saw blood on the ceiling, frayed carpets, and curtains and seats that were torn and ripped.

A let-go stripper at Stringfellows nightclub has vowed to fight on after a court ruled that she was self-employed and cannot therefore sue the London venue for unfair dismissal.

In a ruling that overturns the Employment Appeal Tribunal last year, 29-year-old Nadine Quashie heard that she was not an ‘employee’ when she was axed by the Convent Garden club in 2008.

Disagreeing with the EAT ruling that she was a Stringfellows employee, the Court of Appeal said last month that there were not sufficient obligations upon her to create a contract of employment.

The CoA’s Lord Justice Elias said that while the tribunal was correct to find there was a contract in place between the two parties, it made a “plain error” in concluding it to be one of employment.

Undermining MOO, which the EAT put stock in, the court heard how Quashie actually had to pay Stringfellows £65 a night to dance – and ended up unpaid when the club was quiet and there were no customers to tip her.

LONDON – The U.K. media watchdog has come down hard on Playboy, dishing out a $167,0000 (£100,000) fine for offering hardcore videos and pornographic images on a pair of websites that could be accessed by minors.

The British media regulator said that the adult pay TV company's failure to have proper controls to stop children from accessing two of its websites was "serious, repeated and reckless."

Ofcom found that Playboy did not have acceptable web controls to check that users accessing the porn sites were age 18 or over. Controls that can be used include asking users for credit card details, which are not available to those under 18.

The regulator found that Playboy's "Demand Adult" homepage carried hardcore pornographic material that was able to be viewed by anyone going to the site.

With a bank card, Ofcom also noted that extra pornographic material could be accessed.

OXNARD, Calif. — A middle school teacher who was fired after students learned she had appeared in pornography has lost her appeal to return to the classroom, her lawyer said Tuesday.

A three-judge panel unanimously decided Stacie Halas, 32, was unfit for the classroom. Halas was fired in April from her job as a science teacher at Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard after online videos of her in porn were discovered by students and teachers.

"Although (Halas') pornography career has concluded, the ongoing availability of her pornographic materials on the Internet will continue to impede her from being an effective teacher and respected colleague," Judge Julie Cabos-Owen wrote in a 46-page decision issued Friday by the Commission on Professional Competence.

Halas was continually deceitful about her nine-month career in porn before she went to work at the school, the decision said.

Her lawyer Richard Schwab said Halas had tried to be honest but was embarrassed by her previous experience in the adult industry.

A reporter who was fired last year from the Houston Chronicle after she was outed as a stripper has landed a new journalism job.

Sarah Tressler, 30, was fired in April as a society reporter for the newspaper after failing to inform her supervisors of her after-hours career, which she chronicled on her blog, “Diary of an Angry Stripper.” Tressler’s second job was revealed by Houston Press’ Richard Connelly in a blog posting in March.

She’s now a reporter for the San Antonio Express-News, covering “cops, crime and general mayhem,” according to her Twitter account, which has more than 1,500 followers.

After hiring celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, Tressler sued her former employer’s parent company, the Hearst Corp., which also owns the Express-News, alleging that the firing was unfair.

“I was notified … that I was being terminated because my prior activity as an adult dancer was not disclosed when I applied for the job,” according to the gender discrimination complaint filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. “I believe that the stated reason for my termination was pretextual in that I answered the questions that were put to me truthfully in connection with my application for employment. The true reason from my termination was discrimination on account of my gender.”

Murdered sex worker for burial today

Sex worker Wesley Holder who was on Friday discovered dead with stab wounds in an open lot behind the Carnegie School of Home Economics will be buried today in his Essequibo hometown.

Paula Niles, the aunt of Holder said the family has arranged for a viewing of the body today from  7 am to 9 am at Sandy’s Funeral Home.

Holder will then be laid to rest in his hometown of Essequibo which he left five years ago to live in Georgetown.

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Police last evening held one of three men who had been spotted trailing sex worker Wesley Holder in the period before he is suspected to have been fatally stabbed last Thursday, members of his family said.

The arrest, which could not be confirmed with police, came just over a day after the discovery of the body of Holder, 19, also known as “Horatia” and “Tiffany,” in an open lot.  He was clad in a green fishnet dress and there were stab wounds.

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A lap dancer engaged by Stringfellows nightclub was axed in December 2008 and she claimed unfair dismissal based on her employment status. Significantly, the status of Nadine Quashie, 29, was considered to hinge on the nature of the contractual obligations – whether there was a mutuality of obligation - “MOO.

This employment law judgement may not be of considerable importance in the IR35 arena, writes Chris Leslie, a former head of investigations for Revenue & Customs and the founder of status advisory Tax Networks Ltd. However I think it carries a very clear statement as to the classification of a worker’s employment status for tax purposes, so contractors should take heed.

It took three hearings, culminating in the latest one - the Court of Appeal verdict handed down by three Lord Justices.


For illustration, if ‘I’ was obliged to turn up for work and do that work for a consideration, and, my engager was obliged to provide me with that work and pay me as part of a work-wage bargain, in its most basic form I believe that kind of situation points to MOO.

And this is what happens when you make obscene art pornography.

Are you a budding pornography maker? Then let the following tale be a word of advice to you. Lay up on the human excrement and the bit with femme fatales having sex with animals. I know some of you find it kinky but America’s legal system if you must know doesn’t. Why? Cause it’s just too offensive…

Yesterday, Ira Isaacs, the man behind “2 Girls, 1 Cup” was sentenced to four years in prison after being convicted on five counts of felony obscenity in April 2012.

His crimes? Recording and distributing porn featuring the following: women performing sex acts involving animals and human waste.

dailymail.co.uk: The jail time ends a long-running legal saga that saw two mistrials, including one in which sexually explicit material was found on a personal website of the chief justice of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, who was overseeing the case.

Sex worker accused of pawning niece

A Cape Town sex worker appeared in the Atlantis Magistrates’ Court for allegedly allowing a man to molest her niece for money.

The Daily Voice reported that the woman (23) appeared yesterday on charges that include sexual grooming. The case was postponed to January 25.

Prosecutors claimed the woman lured her nieces, aged 10 and three, from their Witsand home a month ago.

Their mother, who cannot be named, said a man was waiting at the bridge and paid R200 to touch the older child, while her small sister looked on.

“She (the sister) has been using tik (methamphetamine), it is the tik that makes them do such things. She worked on the road, sold her body,” the mother told the newspaper.

A 16-year-old sex worker’s ordeal, who unknowingly underwent a tubectomy operation after her ‘client’ sedated her, revealed a child prostitution racket in Ludhiana. Shubha (name changed), from West Bengal, said she had been living with Jagdish Singh Janda, a lawyer, for the past one month and had been sexually exploited by him.

Authorities of the Lord Mahavira Civil Hospital in Ludhiana had allegedly connived with Janda over performing the permanent contraception procedure on Shubha. The health card issued by the hospital on January 5 had registered Shubha as a 27-year-old married woman. Hospital authorities were reluctant to show Shubha’s original records.

Shubha was later taken to Rupinder Kaur, the programme officer of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), who took her to an orphanage. After being kept at the orphanage for two days, she was shifted to a home for girls in Jalandhar.

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The Atid Echad ("One Future") party informed Central Elections Committee Chairman Elyakim Rubinstein that it is withdrawing its candidacy from Tuesday's general election. Yehzkel Schetlzer, the party's chairperson, was also its sole Knesset candidate.

The party's platform focused on battling online pornography, which it dubs "the new drug." After the party's withdrawal, the number of parties vying for a seat in Israel's 19th Knesset on Tuesday's election is 32. (Telem Yahav)

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A TWENTY-SEVEN-YEAR old commercial sex worker, Nkechi Okafor, was brought to reckoning Monday as an Ikeja High Court sentenced her to six years imprisonment for murdering her client, Abiodun Sarumi.

Okafor was found guilty of manslaughter by the judge, Lateefa Okunnu, following the amendment of the charge from murder to manslaughter by the prosecution. The judge said there was overwhelming evidence that Okafor acted on impulse by stabbing Sarumi, but without intent to kill.

Okunnu also noted that Okafor’s defence for the act was not enough to exonerate her from the crime and therefore gave her a six-year jail term, starting from the time she was remanded in prison custody.

After the court pronounced her guilty, the convict, who broke down in tears, pleaded for leniency. She told the court that she was very sorry for what happened. Her counsel, Mrs. A. Onabolu, also pleaded on her behalf on the ground that the defendant was a first offender and a young woman in her prime, who had expressed sorry for what happened. However, the court did not heed the plea.

Okafor was first arraigned on March 16, 2012, on a one-count charge of murder. According to the prosecuting counsel, Olabisi Ogungbesan, the accused had on March 2, 2010, at about 23:30 hours at Nice Time Hotel, Old Ipaja Road, Lagos, killed her client, one Mr. Abiodun Sarumi, by stabbing him with a bottle on his shoulder, close to the armpit.

It has taken a year and £118,000 of taxpayers' money to determine what some might argue was a foregone conclusion - lap-dance and striptease clubs are not welcome near schools.

Research into the effects of sexual entertainment venues on towns and cities was carried out by the University of Kent's School of Social Policy.

The £118,000 project - Sexual Entertainment Venues and the management of risk - was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, a non-departmental public body that receives most of its funding through the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

It canvassed residents in Maidstone, Lincoln, Newcastle and Brighton due to the variety of nighttime venues in each area.

Not surprisingly, it found 83% of respondents felt lap-dancing clubs are not appropriate near schools or nurseries.

Sex worker battered in street

Police are investigating after a sex worker was severely beaten in a street and suffered knife wounds.

The woman was reportedly attacked in the rue du Commerce, near the Luxembourg central railway station, around 6pm on Sunday.

According to police, she was struck by two fellow sex workers before beind held. She was then beaten by a man and received knife wounds. Her three attackers fled the scene. The victim has been hospitalised. Anyone with information about this incident is urged to call Luxembourg police on 113.

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