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Upcoming events and current media coverage relating to sex work and sex workers.

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Former school teacher turned male stripper, Benedict Garrett, is to perform at The Orchard, Dartford, as part of the male glamour show, The Dreamboys.

Benedict, who recently starred in this year’s Big Brother, shot to fame when his story of being a secondary school teacher whilst working as a male entertainer hit the UK media.

However, since this his career has taken off and as well as landing a spot in the BB house, he was also signed up to perform as part of the male glamour show, The Dreamboys, which will wow audiences at The Orchard Theatre.

The Dreamboys have appeared on TV shows such as The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Celebrity Big Brother, Pineapple Dance Studios, Loose Women, This Morning and The Only Way Is Essex.

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Gary Indiana, Lizzie Borden, John Burdett, and Lee Houck -- none of these artists was on my mind when I embarked on raising funds to produce a play, Konrad Product's Natural-Born Hooker. Nor did I have any idea that a Kickstarter campaign would becomes its own education, a course encompassing everything from marketing to video making. But despite the anxiety that a Kickstarter campaign entails (it's an all-or-nothing proposition: we only are funded if we meet our target $25,000 by April 24, 2012), I soon realized I could use the process as a sort of independent studies course in sex work, much like how my foray into the world of underground safehouses unexpectedly led to writing my first novel, hidden. I've been able to use a fundraising campaign to talk with people -- about everything from HIV education to the idea of "natural-born hooker" as character and cultural and economic player.

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It was just a happy coincidence that Buddies in Bad Times Theatre was available for Operation Snatch's production of Les Demimondes on International Sex Worker Rights Day, but that didn't make it any less a fantastic way to celebrate whore culture and whore resistance. Operation Snatch (formerly The Scandelles) treated audiences in Toronto this weekend to a whore-lovin' cabaret, hosted by Prostitution Herself. Les Demimondes has been workshopped occasionally in Toronto since 2005 and will play again at the Edgy Women Festival in Montréal at the end of the month.

Operation Snatch has a long history of bringing sex workers' rights to the stage. Cabaret is a politically and socially critical genre, both in its historical uses and by design. "The idea of protesting nude compels me," says performer and writer Alex Tigchelaar. "There is power in nudity, but there's also vulnerability." On stage, the egos that sometimes make activism challenging are right at home, even demanded, letting Operation Snatch bring a powerful, no-holds-barred critique. The performance -- especially in its compelling use of sampling and appropriation -- leaves no doubt as to how pervasive, and how damaging, the "everyday" representation of sex workers is.

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Play on pornography

Pornography was at the center of a study done two years ago when scientists at the University of Montreal set out to compare men who frequently looked at pornography, with men who had never seen any. Guess what?

It was shut down. Scientists couldn't find ANY men who had never looked at pornography. All men have seen some kind of x-rated material.

The adult film industry is huge! However, despite the popularity, profits are down about 50% from what they were ten years ago, specifically due to the availability of free online content and make-it-yourself home-video enthusiasts. Two of whom are the focus of our sympathy in Randall Colburn's wonderfully stirring new play, Hesperia, now playing at Writers' Theatre.

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