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Upcoming events and current media coverage relating to sex work and sex workers.

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Aids Healthcare Foundation plans USA-wide Porn Condom Ballot »

Bangladesh government approves anti-pornography law »

Just say no to Dorries abstinence sex education bill! »

Sex worker walks free from Croydon court »

Pornstar voted off Indian reality TV show »

The data of call girls »

Gay fetish filmmaker found not guilty of obscenity »

Sex establishment license sort for lap dancing venue »

Lap dancing clubs under threat in Plymouth »

Portsmouth Council patronise lap dancers. »

Legalise sex work or I'll expose MP's who use us! »

Lap dances to be banned but guns in colleges are ok »

Strippers speak out against UKFeminista and Object »

Kenya: Call Girls Exporting Sex To Juba »

Student sex work prompts Swansea University study »

Sheila Farmer And The Brothel That Never Was »

Anne Marie Foy: Cigarette 'links murder accused' »

He Wants to Jizz on Your Face, but Not Why You Think »

Porn Error at Cobb County »

Why sex workers are living in a "climate of fear" »

Sex Worker Bethany St. James Fires Up Huffington Post »

Zimbabwe - Sex Work — why all the silence? »

Judge Who Pronounced ‘Deep Throat’ Obscene, Dies at 90 »

Call for change in law to protect sex workers from violent crime »

Undercover sting on two alleged sex workers in Abu Dhabi leads police to suspected brothel »

Judge upholds nudity ban at strip club »

L.A.’s porn mistake »

Saskatoon sex workers join homicide registry »

Crime fears scupper plans for new lap dancing bar in Dundee »

Hard money's easy lessons »

Undercover Cops Pose As Prostitutes, Arrest 186 Johns »

MP asks constituents to stop Consett lap dancing club licence »

All of a twitter as legal threat to blogger adds spice to the public battle »

Tory councillor calls for Birmingham lap dancing clubs not to use porn to advertise themselves »

Norwich lap dancing club Platinum Lace successful in bid to increase opening hours »

Tasmania debates sex industry legislative reform »

Mustang Ranch Brothel Seeks To Become 'Ritz-Carlton Of Whorehouses' (VIDEO) »

UK's only drug treatment centre for sex worker mothers to shut »

Sex worker group argues before Supreme Court »

LA Porn Actors Must Wear Condoms; Will Industry Pros Wrap it Up or Take Business Elsewhere? »

'Execution imminent' for Canadian tortured into 'confessing' he ran a pornography website in Iran »

Lap-dancing club appeals after licence is refused »

THE BBC are under fire for running an interview with a PORN STAR on youth network Newsbeat. »

Sex, conditions safer but prostitute stigma remains »

Tunisia: ”Do Not Censor Pornographic Content »

Porn producers may leave Los Angeles because of condom law »

HR 1981 "Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers" sounds good, right? »

German city says 'sex meter' a success »

Julia Roberts' actress niece Emma has signed up for a risque role playing a sex shop employee »

Sex workers fear predators, but also police »

New Zealand police crack down on Sex Workers »

Video of stripper reporting non payment of a lap dance to the police (and they take it seriously) »

Woodhull Testifies Against Human Rights Violations »

Laffin to stand trial for murder in sex worker's disappearance »

New Delhi - Educated women entering sex industry is a problem apparently… »

Rebecca Hall learns to lap-dance »

Sex Workers in Java's red light district get paid to quit »

Ameesha Patel to play sex worker »

Rotterdam audiences enjoy Black & White & Sex »

Q&A with Lindsay, a sex worker and Human Library participant »

South Africa rules against pornography on TV »

Sex Workers are a ‘Godsend’ to disabled clients… »

Murderers of sex worker given the death penalty in Dubai »

Five lap dancing venues approved »

Simi Valley Considers Requiring Condoms in Adult Films »

Channing Tatum humbled by stripper past »

London's White Swan should be able to keep its stripper night »

Jennifer Love Hewitt Resumes Stripper Role »

The benefits of being friends with a stripper »

A new strip club for Stourbridge? »

Plymouth lap dance clubs become sex establishments »

Stourbridge nightspot reveals new lap-dancing club plan »

Sex worker charged with assaulting AP »

And dignity for all »

Link between sports events, sex trafficking unfounded - study »

Lap dancing on council agenda »

Sex research sparks interest »

Petition to ban future lap-dancing clubs »

The Return Of Sex Week at Yale »

A Modest Proposal: The Case for Fair Trade Porn »

Brad Pitt's Old Job Involved Strippers! »

Vancouver billionaire gets one year probation for locking sex worker in home »

Seattle Library Upholds Man’s Right To Watch Porn On Its Computers »

The sexual addictions of the rich and famous »

Korea's sex call - dob in our prostitutes »

Duckworth's Corrie lap dance joint »

Taiwan - save brothel site: sex worker group »

Feminist Porn Awards Nomination Period Announced »

Hammersmith strip club retains license after hearing »

Irish service providers criticise banning of pornography sites »

One in four lap dancers has a degree »

The rise and fall of lap dancing »

Birmingham's Lap Dancers Quit »

India ministers in Karnataka quit amid pornography row »

Christians demand tighter controls on internet pornography »

University of Hawaii Wants Porn Website Shut Down »

Montreal dancer and former sex-worker George Stamos on Quentin Crisp »

Bachelor Gone Wild! Jake Pavelka Joining Chippendales Male Stripper Show! »

Magic Mike "Tasteful" While Still Featuring "Butts and Nakedness" »

140 characters can get Indonesians 12 years in jail »

Play on pornography »

Carlisle lap-dancing club given all clear to carry on »

Boom in Indian porn production »

Sex worker weeps inside High Court »

Club bids to become Cheltenham lap dancing venue »

Ariel Could Be Released From Jail in July »

David Butler acquitted of the murder of Anne Marie Foy »

PETA to Launch Pornography Site Soon »

Porn sites blocked from using Cal names »

Romney's big Penthouse donor »

Justice for beat stripper »

Victim: The lap dance from hell »

A stripper is arrested for selling cocaine to undercover officers »

India debates legalisaion of pornography »

Online sex trade gains prevalence in Singapore »

Man deported after assault on sex trade worker »

Yale - Panel split on porn »

Former lap-dancing club owners fined »

Stripper fundraiser for primary school branded 'disgusting' by mothers »

Quirky hopefuls liven up French presidential race »

Stripper Stereotypes Busted With Mike Pintek »

Sex worker weeps inside High Court »

Illegal brothels shut in crackdown »

Dita Von Teese Clarifies: She’s Not a Dumb Stripper »

Google and the sex worker struggle »

Sex workers, Ottawa police urged to cooperate »

America’s Serial Killer and the rise of online sex work »

Trial Over Censorship of Pornographic Websites in Tunisia Postponed »

Romney Signs Anti-Porn Pledge »

No Copyright Protection for Pornography? »

Morality in Media campaign against pornography »

Conservatives campaign against Yale »

No takers for Charlie’s Angel’s movie in India »

How I support my family as a sex worker »

The Life Of A Nigerian Sex Worker »

Gay bar hit with £14,000 sex licence bill »

Man gets 10 year sentence for pornography in China »

60 days in Rolex rap »

Illinois lawmaker proposes strip club tax »

Escort in dispute with landlords »

Former Sex Worker Can’t Find New Job Since Being Fired From Teaching »

Councillor-up-for-award-after-fighting-against-sex-and-lap-dancing-clubs »

Kayden Kross Condemns Mandatory Condoms on Stossel Show »

Street sex worker ban considered »

The Auto biography of a Sex Worker »

Redbook supports stripping to the annoyance of some readers »

Technology and sex work in Pakistan »

Trial date set for police chief theft from stripper »

Two Miami men sentenced to life in prison for sex trafficking »

Uganda: Government toughens on pornography »

Project to educate sex-worker's children launched today »

DGirlsCash Operator, Accomplice Get Life Sentences »

Sex worker's life lights up Fashion Week »

Thai sex worker asked to identify Iran suspect »

Bachmann: Stopping Lap Dances More Important Than Extending Unemployment »

Students lap dance to 'fund lavish lifestyles' »

Chandella Powell apologizes for porn past »

LAPD Harassing Sex Worker From Making Money »

Lap dancing decision delayed »

Another 'sex license' bid in Leamington »

Club Owner Says No To “Stripper Tax” »

Stripper Left Critically Injured After Death-Defying Pole Dance »

Judge orders website to pay $4M for pirating adult films »

Egypt Islamist MPs want to ban porn sites »

Sex worker shoots 'Cherry' film »

Red Light Warrior »

Lap dancing clubs banned in Northamptonshire town »

Border ban won't derail porn star's Toronto visit »

Sex worker slaying leads to manslaughter plea »

Sex worker Catherine Stephens on House of Tolerance »

Former Montreal stripper testifies against drug cops »

Stripper Agent in Norway Arrested for Pimping »

Utah residential facility to offer treatment for porn ‘addicts’ »

Tunisian Court Rules Against Internet Pornography Censorhip »

Porn storm reveals cleft in Egypt attitudes »

Man retried in Courtepatte case »

Parents fight lap-dancing bar’s licence bid »

Memoir peels back life as a stripper, daughter and mother »

Kate Middleton's Stripper Cousin is Coming to America »

Sunland Park mayor candidate says video of stripper dancing for him used as blackmail »

Virgin boss Richard Branson wins control of ‘embarrassing’ .xxx porn web address »

YouPorn debug file exposure hits a million users »

Crackdown urged on sex trade »

Woman told to obey, court hears »

Why someone else (me) became a sex worker »

Former stripper accused of being cocaine 'queen' »

Miami Stripper Tip Drill Recovering After Serious Fall, Says She's Retiring »

Man guilty of murder in a Burnaby brothel »

AWID in Istanbul: Linking sex worker rights with feminism and development »

Sex worker electrocuted at client's place »

Man arrested for posing as cop »

Object fails to ban porn director from standing for parliament »

Republicans Train Their Gaze on Strippers »

Alleged sex worker rape 'a fantasy' »

Is the porn industry moving to Arizona? »

Bangladesh parliament passes bill in fight against pornography »

Police were callous to beaten sex worker, missing-women inquiry told »

Police crackdown on Kensington sex workers »

Sex workers educated through training »

Stripper who recruited teen to be an escort pleads guilty »

French court defines sex toys as pornography »

Vietnamese Official Gets Two Years in Prison for Porn Posts »

Lawmakers to introduce bill taxing adult entertainment »

Medical students 'sell sex to cover rise in tuition fees' »

Women feel no safer now than when Pickton prowled Downtown Eastside, inquiry told »

Escorts claim Utah law makes acting sexy illegal »

Azita Nikooei's Killer Gets 11 Years »

Melbourne man found guilty of raping Thai sex worker »

Ottawa team helps city's most disadvantaged sex workers »

Sex Worker: Is it just another job? »

Stripper gets probation, pays $10K restitution to dancer she cut »

Male stripper loses suit after tumble at sex show »

Sex workers accuse police of abuse »

‘Even sex workers have human rights’ »

Radical Forum on sex work to be held at Oxford university »

New licence for lapdancing club »

Stripper night to raise money for village scout hut »

Pakistan Builds Web Wall Out in the Open »

'Decriminalize sex work' »

Kolkata sex workers demand legalisation of their profession »

Sex worker Convicted For Stalking Swiss Banker »

Why Stripping Can Be A Feminist Act »

2,000 Chinese awarded for reporting internet and mobile phone pornography to authorities »

Veena Malik to Play Sex Worker in ‘Zindagi 50:50,’ but Won't Go Nude »

Cop convinced of serial sex worker killer »

Namibia: Sex Workers Mark Their Day in City »

Sex work in Cambodia / Group struggles for legal distinction between human trafficking and sex work »

India's porn identity »

Stop abusing us, sex workers tell cops »

Korean jailed for hitting sex worker »

International Sex Worker Rights Day »

Sex 'trade', not 'traffic' »

Sex workers urged to report abuse »

TV actress arrested for running sex racket from a 5-star hotel »

Notorious New York City brothels »

S.C. GOP Blocks County's "Purity Pledge" »

Porn alarm for internet domains »

Nairobi Sex Workers Hit Streets to Demand Rights »

Kenya: Thika Commercial Sex Workers Clean Up Town »

Chinese sex workers caught in web of drugs, Aids and poverty »

Man found guilty of assaulting sex worker »

Southern California teacher placed on leave over allegations she participated in pornography video »

Lobby pushes for rights of Botswana sex workers »

In Les Demimondes, Prostitution Herself confronts whore stigma »

Enter the lap dancing robots! »

Icasa explains why it vetoed TopTV's porn channel »

The healing power of sex work »

Man Stabs Sex Worker »

Sex workers assert their rights in Pune »

Sex workers demand legalization of prostitution »

The Policy That Keeps Prostitutes From Carrying and Using Condoms »

SXSW Festival talk on sex work with Kitty Stryker »

Festival strips away prejudices »

Veil set to come down on lap dancing venue »

UK Pole Showcase comes to Newcastle »

Father kills girl for refusing to become sex worker »

Lap-dancing and pole-dancing clubs facing tougher laws in Norwich »

Portsmouth lap dancing club boss vows to fight controversial plans »

Ex-pornographer and substitute teacher can pursue teaching certification »

Tasmania - Opinions sought on sex laws »

China deletes 225 pornographic microblog accounts »

'Video Was For Private Use,' Say Indonesian Porn Suspects »

Jakarta: Suspicions mount over anti-pornography task force »

Lennox Little League Receives Help from Stripper Angels »

At India bank, sex workers earn a little interest and self-esteem »

Sex Worker, Three Others Shot Dead In Bayelsa Cult Clash »

My Phone Sex Secrets, Channel 4 »

Pakistan uses teenage boy to help with pornography crack down »

Porn industry would break AZ law, Montgomery claims »

Former gay porn actor can pursue teaching certification, agency says »

Kate's cousin shows off her crown jewels »

The Naked Truth With Nina Hartley »

‘Vigorous’ Santorum crackdown may catch Internet porn viewers with pants down »

Victoria strip club shut down for selling cocaine »

Video: Kate Middleton's Stripper Cousin »

Lapdancing pub vows to stay in Northwood »

Harriet Walker weighs in on horse sex and Barbie porn »

Santorum: 'If Elected, I Will Ban Pornography In The U.S.' »

Police Inspector testifies at murder trial of commercial sex worker. »

Gigolos earn way more in Vietnam: poll »

New Penthouse Club opens, gets everybody drunk »

Porn industry to Rick Santorum: Butt out »

Mother of underage Salem stripper arrested »

Enforcement against sex workers to be used as 'last resort': VPD report »

SXSW Scarlet Road screening »

Witness claims sex worker jumped off window in Dubai »

Prostitute admits stabbing of client to death »

Sex worker banned by ASBO »

Maidstone polled for University of Kent lap dance study »

Teen phone sex worker Rosa King: My job secret has caused an outcry but I don't regret it »

Bangladesh’s ‘teenage’ brothels hold dark steroid secret »

Embassy club halts lap dancing bid after raid »

Mitt Romney Asked to Enforce Federal Pornography Laws »

Lap dancing bid for Old Town nightclub venue »

Sex Worker Awareness: St. James Infirmary Takes Message to WHO »

Man Batters Sex Worker For Rejecting N200 »

Inflation in Kenya Drives Women to Commercial Sex Work »

Fundraiser for sex-worker literacy ends »

12-year-old girl sold to businessman rescued by sex worker »

Wakefield lapdance club test case »

Atlanta Film Festival 2012 Preview - "AKA Blondie" Examines The Life Of Stripper »

Missing woman’s mom wants answers »

Vina Morales takes on stripper role in 'Rock of Ages' »

Sex work in NSW: healthiest in the world »

Relationship Education: The Cyber Generation's Addiction to Detachment »

Egyptian government reportedly preparing a ban on Internet pornography »

Drive to save British kids from online sex »

Police seek help after sex worker set alight »

India: Charmi as a sex worker! »

The Backpage dilemma »

Patrols after sex worker attacks in Walsall »

The unintended consequences of Nick Kristof's anti-sex trafficking crusade »

Ontario Court of Appeal greenlights brothels, sweeps aside many of Canada’s anti-prostitution laws »

Economic Diversity by Legalizing Prostitution and Marijuana »

Sexy TriBeCa Show Offers Peek Inside Porn Industry »

O2 forced to expose 'porn downloaders' »

Call to legalise sex workers for people with disability »

Campaigners' last-ditch bid to stop Accrington lap-dance club »

Carrollton mayor, council take steps to block cabaret »

Shriya to play sex worker »

Spanish Sex Workers Strike Against Bankers »

I lost my job as a teacher because I was once a call girl »

Why Shutting Down Sex Ads Fails Trafficking Victims »

Trial begins for sex slave accused »

Man charged over sex worker's murder »

Tennessee Stripper Tax Gets The Ax »

Male stripper pleads guilty to manslaughter »

'It is not a shameful profession' »

Brothel madam accused of sex slavery »

Wakefield lap dancing club gets licence »

Sex worker Nikki Thomas talks about normalizing her profession »

Parno Mittra to play a sex worker »

4 Artists Talk About Their Natural-Born Hooker »

Stripper arrested in arson case »

Tunisia’s youth and their fight for the freedom of expression »

Vancouver sex-worker advocate calls for private clubs to quell ‘killing fields’ »

Former sex worker says lifting ban on brothels not the right step »

Swedish smut king is out at Private Media, plans tell-all movie »

Stripper and friends arrested, charged with robbing, threatening man »

Houston journalist moonlighting as stripper bares the risks of keeping a side job »

Sex worker says cash offered for her silence »

Prostitutes being 'cleared from the streets' of London ahead of Olympics »

Nigerian sex stimulant kills prostitute »

Licensing hearing for changes at Reading adult club »

Poor Government, Not Porn, Causes Nations to Crumble »

Jazzy-O kill accused in lawyer switch »

Sex worker chose to stay, ACT court told »

Sex worker killer guilty as charged »

Sex and drugs racket busted, former teacher among three arrested »

Study notes strategies to lower HIV risk for sex workers »

Lords bill demands ISPs and device makers block porn »

Fearing Santorum, porn stars unite (VIDEO) »

John Specht: The man who spends all day in strip clubs »

Big Al's loss could cost Peoria tax money »

‘Pandemic’: thousands of leaders urge Congressional hearings on the harm of pornography »

Porn stars call for masturbation protest against Santorum »

Professor studies prevalence of erotica in Silver Age Spain »

The state of sex in the city: People in the sex trade talk about a landmark ruling »

I was fired for grinding Paris Hilton, claims dancer Tahnee Chapman »

How Does Ovulation Affect a Stripper’s Income? It Doesn’t. »

'Fifty Shades of Grey': S&M, romance and sex -- oh my! »

This lady doth protest too much »

Backpage.com Isn’t the Problem, Say Sex Workers »

Schools hear critics when filters block pro-gay sites »

Feminist porn aims to mix pleasure with principle »

Porn sites account for 30% of all Internet traffic, report finds »

Egypt court orders ban of porn websites to protect 'society, values' »

Major conference on sex worker rights, HIV to hear from Della Bosca »

Coventry lap dancing club reapplies for sex entertainment licence »

A satirical open letter from the gay pornographers of America »

Nicki Minaj: 'Beez in the Trap is a thank you to strippers' »

Former Sex Worker Melissa Petro Defends Adult Ad Site Backpage.Com »

Sex worker raped, murdered in Asansol »

Some People Enjoy Being Prostitutes... Get Over It »

Pickton inquiry to examine dropped charges »

Lap dancing club in Accrington given go ahead »

Sociologists claim decline in quality of lap dancers »

Misrepresenting the evidence in the great porn debate »

‘Sexual freedom’ parade at Jantar Mantar this weekend »

Sunny Leone Not Quitting Porn for Bollywood! »

Brothel madam guilty of keeping Thai sex worker as slave »

The disabled and the joy of sex »

UK private members bill designed to censor pornography on the internet »

Kate Middleton's Stripper Cousin in a Reality Show?! »

Metro mum on SAPS sex arrests »

Rapist, murderer to spend 33 years in jail »

Judge wants lawsuit challenging Utah's anti-pornography law settled »

Masseuse wants $10M slice »

Brooke Magnanti: Sex for money, why not? »

Uzbekistan Toughens Responsibility for Crimes against Morality »

Should Prostitution Be Legal? Vote Now! (POLL) »

Sex worker raped, murdered in Asansol »

Stripper ‘nuns’ danced for Berlusconi—trial witness »

Brooklyn stripper sues adult entertainment biz for stiffing her on wages and overtime »

Outrage Over Hustler Truck on Streets of San Francisco »

Sex worker strangled to death, eyes poked out »

Feminism & Co. sells out a program on sex work »

L.A. Condom Ordinance Meeting Slated for Wednesday »

Analysis: What Today's 2257 Ruling Means »

Delaware Loses MMA Bout »

U.K. Adult Industry Can Recommence Shooting, AITA Says »

Limp response to sex shows survey »

Limp response to sex shows survey »

Bill denying tax credits to pornographic films moves to Senate floor »

Sledge Hammer's Cause of Death Still Undetermined »

Industry Advocates Question L.A. Condom Ordinance at City Hall »

U.K. Inquiry Pushing for Porn Filtering »

Adultex 2012 Award Winners Announced »

Belladonna, Gracie Glam Featured in Mishka NYC Spring LookBook »

Paying to work »

‘Old Town is becoming synonymous with sex industry’ »

Male Stripper Comedy Sugar Shack To Be Directed By Charlie Matthau »

Supervisor Eric Mar Chases Away Local Stripper Truck »

Stag Party Stripper Organisers Chillisauce To Tutor London Met University Students »

Southern California teacher fired for appearing in Internet porn video »

Sex Workers To Police: Please Stop Confiscating Our Condoms »

NY Stripper Sues for Wages, OT Pay »

Tiffany's strip club put on the market for £630,000 »

Here’s the Trailer for Magic Mike, the Male Stripper Movie Based on Channing Tatum’s Life »

Principled Pornography: How Queer/Indie Sites Are Reframing the Industry »

Going Down in La-La Land: Film Review »

L.A. Budget Cuts Could Affect Porn-Condom Enforcement »

Sledge Hammer Memorial Gathering Set for Sunday »

'Staying Power' Adult Documentary Begins Fundraising Campaign »

Porn Star Tiffany Six To File Appeal Against School’s Firing Decision »

Stripper contest angers nearby school »

Mumbai: Trying to escape client's wife, call girl falls off balcony, dies »

Mumbai railway employee held in prostitute’s death »

Feminist Porn Awards results are in! »

Onscenity holds Sexual Cultures conference »

Computer porn: Have ministers given up the fight? »

Sex worker died for Rs 500 & beer bottle »

When Can Faculty Show Porn? »

The Hardest Thing About Being A Male Porn Star »

Namibia: KK Renews Call for Prostitution to Be Legalised »

Lap dancing club granted sexual entertainment licence »

Former West Yorkshire PC admits stealing brothel raid cash »

Case against exotic dancers dropped »

Strippers fear being left out in cold if Tower Hamlets closes clubs »

Jakarta Govt. Prepares Regulation for an Anti-Pornography Taskforce »

Groupon Boycotted Over 'Torture Porn' Coupon »

Only two on sex worker’s phone list claimed to know her »

U.S. Congress questions Google about sex-trafficking »

Secret Service Scandal Moves Advocates to Call for Legal US Prostitution »

Durham lap dancing club has license approved »

Strip club: Swansea decision deferred on plan near church »

Stripper takes on Peter Stringfellow regarding employment rights »

Mom of underage stripper gets three years in DOC »

Professor suspended for pornography documentary »

Ventura approves pornography condom law aimed at keeping filmmakers away »

Immigration raids catch 21 illegal sex workers »

Giving away, and then seizing, condoms »

Lapdancing club reopens with drag acts »

Prosecutor: Smuggler should pay $1.6M to women he forced to be strippers »

Brazil sex worker may sue U.S. embassy over injuries »

Sex Worker Advocates, Residents Talk Prostitution »

Legalized brothels ruling to be appealed to top court »

Doing it for a good cause »

Lap dancer wins landmark employment ruling »

Labour MPs support 'opt-in' system for online porn to protect children »

"Cherry" and the other side of the San Francisco porn industry »

Southern Kentucky town up in arms over pole dancing »

Heidi Klum Discovers Aussie Strippers in Vegas »

Musicians Sign Petition Against Village Voice Sex Worker Ads »

A glimpse of life on the game »

French drama 'Elles' explores student-run prostitution ring »

Sex Worker Harassed By Religious Zealot Cops »

We need to talk about porn »

Telstra agrees to clean up the seedier side of its Big Pond Life »

School set up by sex worker in India »

‘Whores’ Glory’: An Interview With Michael Glawogger »

Egypt porn ban would cost up to $16.5 million and be 'useless': Experts »

News Rhode Island police chief busted for stealing money from a stripper »

Anna Arrowsmith defends porn on The Voice of Russia »

Hemel Hempstead lapdancing club given the green light »

Romney, computers and pornography »

Religious Sites are Worst for Malware, Report Finds »

Sex worker jailed for brothel robbery »

Dubai court rejects prisoners' petition for early release »

'Strip club approval will cause uproar' in Newquay »

Police corruption trial: Stripper didn’t complain during arrest »

Content Section U.S. Marines Accused of Injuring Brazilian Stripper »

Tiger Tyson in HBGC Event on Pornography »

Police identify HIV+ sex workers »

Alana Evans, Porn Star, Discusses Motherhood, Parenting On Dr. Drew's HLN Show »

Alleged murder of client: I acted in self-defence, sex worker tells court »

Zimbabwe: Prostitute Gives Away Fake Notes Ring »

Ira Isaacs Found Guilty on Five Counts of Federal Obscenity »

Hustler Wins Right of Publicity Lawsuit Involving Nude Photos »

Sasha Grey Thriller 'Would You Rather' Gets Red Band Trailer »

U.K. ISPs Fighting Forced Porn Blocking »

Meet The 'Sex Robots' (Coming To A Red Light District Near You) »

UK Prime Minster Looking to Block Porn from Search Results, Adding Opt-In Option Instead »

Accrington lap dancing club owner in job advertising row »

Kelly Ripa: husband Mark Consuelos used to be a stripper »

YOUR SAY: Should strip joints be allowed to sell booze? »

World Burlesque Games are here »

New York Bouncer And Male Stripper Is The Real Hulk In 'The Avengers' »

Sex worker calls secret agents ‘fools’ »

French Investigators Studying New Rape Allegation Against Strauss-Kahn »

Cops: Hot dog truck was prostitution site »

Sex worker rape alarm via Twitter »

In Search of Stripper Solidarity »

Sex workers denting war on Aids »

Contracts are a fine art »

Piracy, Pornography and Conspiracy: How Judges Are Standing Up to Copyright Trolls »

Give Orlando a hand: Men's Health ranks city as 'smuttiest' in America »

King of Diamonds: How America's Favorite Black Strip Club Won Its Crown »

Long Island 'hot dog hooker' vows to continue despite prostitution charges »

Secret Service Scandal Prompts Colombia to Consider Regulating Prostitution »

'Octomom' Nadya Suleman to release self-pleasure porn video »

Britain's Got Talent: Stripper Beatrix von Bourbon among tonight's hopefuls »

Sex worker used as bait to trap men »

Donny Damara Takes His Transgender Role in Stride »

Officer denies playing ‘good cop’ while prisoners beaten »

‘Gypsy’: The classy stripper and her roots »

B.C. sex worker study released »

Sarah Tressler sues Houston Chronicle, claims she was unfairly fired because of stripping side job »

Olympics sex worker clampdown 'is health, safety risk' »

Male sex worker sentenced for ‘degrading’ killing of Sydney teacher »

'Common sense' Pickton suspect in missing sex workers: officers »

Man dies while receiving lap dance »

Talk Talk rolls out porn filter to all customers »

Sex worker denies Strauss-Kahn took part in gang rape »

How a sex worker in Uganda keeps it up »

Watching Porn Is A Much Less Visual Activity Than We Thought »

Stripper sought in murder plot »

Police corruption trial: I didn’t beat stripper, ‘good-looking’ officer testifies »

Sex worker, 5 clients nabbed in Panchkula »

2-year-old left home alone in filth while mom worked at strip club »

Stripper gets suspended sentence after stiletto heel attack on co-worker at Guelph’s Manor »

Sex worker allegations lead to judge Mark Griffin's resignation »

Magistrates side with Angels in club dispute »

Joey Lawrence Whoa, I'm a Stripper! »

Stripper arrested, accused of luring man into fatal trap in Houston »

Man stabbed for watching porn at Brooklyn Heights public library »

Rash of complaints over e.tv ads for porn SMSes »

Is this world's earliest pornography? »

Indian police 'disregard women's dignity': rights group »

Civilian RCMP worker saw Pickton with missing woman at party »

Namibia: Sex Workers Differ With KK On Legalising Prostitution »

Good woman=Mother/Bad woman=Sex worker/Sex worker mother =? »

UNAIDS Concerned Over Greece HIV Sex Worker Crackdown »

Councillors agree to lap dancing on a Sunday in Grantham »

Strip club crackdown vote delayed »

Parent Traps Don’t monitor your kids’ Web surfing. »

Lap dancing club given new licence »

Key part of anti-pornography law overturned »

Swiss Philosopher Plans to Make 'Socially Acceptable' Porn »

Invasion of privacy alleged at Vegas ‘Stripper 101’ class »

Sex workers on the run following crackdown »

Latest stripper tax proposal gets panel approval »

L.A. Condom Panel Asks for 90 Days, Cites 'Complexities' »

Porn actress enters plea in 2010 Florida sex party slaying of tattoo shop owner »

Dismissal wanted in 'Stripper 101' suit in Vegas »

8 Stars Who Used to Be Strippers »

Man admits trying to kill sex worker »

Japanese sex workers sold fictitious lives »

Sex worker advocate wants prostitution decriminalised »

Illegal Bendigo brothel operator, sex worker fined »

Prostituting your way through University »

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Greek sex industry battered by economic storm »

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Jackson Township tries to get Thrills strip club shut down, again »

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Transgender prostitute awarded $46,000 after sex attack »

Sex worker advocate beaten »

Leeds lapdancing clubs need to be ‘discreet’ »

The Darkness Employ Stripper For New Video »

Police think pornography actor, suspect in Canada dismembered body case, might have fled to France »

mpany had permit to film at Coliseum »

Laura Lasky, 'Cupcake Lady,' Brings Sweets And Hope To San Francisco Sex Workers »

Police crack down on foreign sex workers »

Sex worker says prostitution laws too tough in Queensland »

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Accrington lap dance club set to open tomorrow »

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Body of teenage prostitute missing for a decade is found on farmland »

Facebook Anti-porn Campaign Sparks Backlash in Jordan »

Lap-dancing wife wins $3.25M cash as court rules pre-nup is valid »

Newquay police have 'no evidence' for sex attacks claim »

31 held in China for running porn website »

Rights group accuses police of using condom count to target prostitutes »

U.S. Ban Prevents Sex Workers, Drug Users from Attending AIDS Conference »

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Organizer Prepares for Sex Worker Freedom Festival in Kolkata, India »

Sex worker arrested for abducting girl child »

Kolkata plays host to sex workers conference »

Australian Sex Party threatens to sue Google for refusing to run adverts on eve of election »

The Murder of Rosita Hidalgo, a Miami Beach Transgender Sex Worker, Should Not Be Forgotten »

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Sarah Palin lookalike stripper to woo Republicans in Tampa Bay »

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L.A. County Supervisors Vote to Allow Porn-Condom Ballot Measure »

Manwin to Donate $50K Monthly for APHSS Performer Testing »

Poll: Porn Revenues Exceed $5 Billion According to Industry Survey »

Goldie’s ex-wife Sonjia Ashby launches lap dancing club in Southport »

Former pornography star Jenna James pleads not guilty to DUI charges in Southern California »

Teacher who starred in porn no longer at school »

Luna Maya and Cut Tari Sex Tape Charges May be Dropped: Police »

Mavericks stripper in court again »

Teacher turned stripper to perform at Orchard Theatre »

U.S. ban unites global sex workers at Indian festival »

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Iowa High Court Rules Hamburg Can't Stop Lap Dances »

Angry Stripper Sarah Tressler Now Published Author »

Studying Sex Workers »

Porn watchers more active in winter, early summer »

Pornography destroyed in Azerbaijan »

Vice Is Nice Animal Rescue Event Set for Saturday »

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150-year-old Bangladesh brothel fights closure »

Kate Middleton's stripper cousin to bare all in Playboy »

Man Found Guilty of ‘Pummeling’ Stripper in Carpinteria »

‘African sex workers face violence, harassment from police’ »

'Intimate and illegal' sexual activity sees Charlie's Bar, the City's only lap-dancing club, shut »

Coast mum leads sex worker cause »

Man accused of strangling sex worker to death »

An "extreme" prosecution? »

Sex worker wins right to work from motel »

Tiffany's club still going strong after 30 years »

City of London bar handed £28,000 fine for unlicensed sex shows »

Fisting porn trial: Barrister found not guilty on all counts of owning extreme porn »

Sex worker posed as doctor for months »

Ex-stripper once convicted of murdering Shelby native Kent Leppink won't be reprosecuted »

Pornography trade group calls for nationwide stop to filming during LA syphilis investigation »

Town Council says no to lap dancing clubs »

Sex Worker Voices: Documenting Violations in India »

Stripper Tax Passes in Illinois »

Male stripper in court after performance at restaurant »

What is ‘fake’ and ‘real’ in the sex industry? »

Association to launch awareness campaign on Internet freedom »

St. Catharines man arrested for assault on sex worker »

Google and YouTube to help Indonesia tackle porn? »

Armed stripper accused of attempting to rob man »

Sex workers rescue battered 6-year-old »

Coventry lap dancing ban would see city become a national test case »

Pole dancing club gets go-ahead »

Catholic Church Owns Billion-Dollar German Media Firm Selling Porn »

Male stripper refused bail over robbery »

No jail for sex-worker who scammed senior's life savings »

LA County health officials investigate syphilis cases in pornography industry »

Stripper was not indecent »

Prostitutes flood Tampa for Grand Old Party »

Kazakhstan boxers and ballet dancers go into striptease »

Pornography trade group calls for nationwide stop to filming during LA syphilis investigation »

German law firm takes aim at porn pirates »

Sex worker abuse in spotlight »

Red Hook's Paris Burlesque Plans to Ditch the Strippers »

Police Clear Out 50 Sex Workers From Beach Road »

Ex-stripper convicted of trafficking teen boys »

College student strippers offered tuition cash, bonuses »

Sex worker stabbed on lower Main »

South African National AIDS Council Sex Worker and HIV Response »

Sex offender dies before sentencing »

Stripper turned teacher sues West Ottawa Public Schools over firing »

Vegas Hustler Club Hosts Stripper Karaoke »

How Strippers Benefit from Obamacare »

Campus stripper drive 'crazy,' club owner says »


HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Vantage Media International and Periscope Entertainment have released a red-band trailer for director David Guy Levy's "Would You Rather," a "SAW" like horror film starring Brittany Snow and former adult star Sasha Grey.

Snow plays a woman who agrees to participate in a sadistic and deadly game of Would You Rather to win medical care for her Leukemia-stricken brother. Grey is one in a group of equally desperate competitors facing off against Snow for their own chance at salavation. 

"Would You Rather" also stars Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (”The Wire”), John Heard (”Prison Break”), Eddie Steeples ("My Name Is Earl") and Jeffrey Combs ("Re-Animator") as Shepard Lambrick, the demented business mogul behind the game. To see the red band trailer, go here.

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